Our Facilities

The Autistic Spectrum covers a wide range of needs and difficulties, at Sunbeams Play we understand that each child or young person on the spectrum is an individual with their own needs and strengths. We offer all children and young people an equal opportunity to explore a wide range of resources, encouraging skills development, fun and interaction; these include;

A wide variety of construction and small world toys from dolls houses, cars, dinosaurs, mega blocks and trains to electronic kits, Lego and Knex.

Imaginative and Role Play; cooking in the wooden kitchen and shop or dressing up in our wide variety of costumes.

A craft and messy play area to explore play dough, paint, sticking, corn flour, water, sand and much more for tactile experiences.

A large garden area with a range of large musical equipment, bikes and scooters to suit all ages and abilities, football goal, basketball net, parachutes, sensory garden, sand and water play and space to run around.

Although each age group has their own cupboard full of special toys, board and floor games they are accessed by all.

A very well equipped sensory room with bubble tube, fibre optic lights, bean bags, cushions, mirrors, star lights and much more.

For the older children and young people we have table football, pool and air hockey. Our newly formed youth group have access to the Wii, film nights, kitchen and Warhammer.

Wheelchair access and wet room facilities. Wet room available for use by those attending Sunbeams Play and their parents.

Large projector and screen enabling us to provide parenting programmes and workshops facilitated by our qualified staff and guest speakers, floor projector for learning and play and a touch screen for educational activities.

This is just an example of the fantastic range of resources we have at Sunbeams Play.