Our Supporters

We would like to thank all of our supporters for their valued time and help.

As well as the support we receive through local fundraising events and private donations we receive a number of grants from other charities and funders details can be found on our funders page

Nicola & Evie Sansom - Amazing fundraising

Ben Dorsett – What can we say? Volunteering at the centre, repairs, fundraising and general support.

Sam & Skye Matthews – Fundraising and general support.

Julie, Josh and Emily Kizma – Volunteering at centre, fundraising and general support.

Sam & Ellie May Weeks - Fundraising

April Wade – Fundraising

Carleen – Fundraising

The Graylings – Fundraising

Mick & Cindy, David and Ruth – Fundraising through 60's charity dance nights.

Kerri & Ian – Fundraising barbecue

Shell Leach – Fundraising run

Victor Bennett – Fundraising and book donation

Andrea Thompson – Fundraising

Elisabeth Crafer – Consultant

Iceni - Harley Owners Group – Fundraising ride outs

Gem Foundation – Service User Funding

Anne Kirkham (Great Yarmouth Train Station) – Fundraising events and activities

Marks and Spencer’s – Fundraising and volunteers

Barton Railway – Fundraising open days

Asda - Donations for raffles, party food, and gifts

Tesco Great Yarmouth – Donations for raffles, party food, volunteering at centre, book stall

Sainsbury's – Fundraising and food donations

Debbie Bishop (Co-op Funeralcare) - Party prizes and raffle prizes, party food.

Lidl - Weekly food donations

Greggs – Fete and party food

Warburtons – Cooking ingredients, fete and party food

Neighbourly – Cooking ingredients, fete and party food