When Raven was brought home we didn't know that he was extra special. People can't see it but like children and young people at Sunbeams he needs extra support because he has something called Centronuclear Myopathy.
Like Autism he was born with it but it didn't show until he was six months old; it makes it hard for him to run and jump about and he gets tired easily but like Autism with the right help and support he can flourish.

We want to share his journey with you all and celebrate his achievements together. Raven visits the centre on a regular basis to allow the children and young people the opportunity to enjoy playing, brushing and learning all about him through his own all about me folder plotting his development and experiences at the centre.

Studies have found that petting a dog for just 15 minutes boosts the so-called "feel-good" hormones, serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin, and even lowers blood pressure by 10%, lower low mood and reduce the risk of developing depression.

Other studies have found that dogs in particular can support in decreasing the feelings of anxiety and sadness as well as increasing physical activity while significantly reducing agitation and aggression as well as other forms of challenging behaviour.

Raven has proven to be a great asset to the centre welcoming new and old members attending the centre and improving mood while lowering sensory overload. A soft quiet and calm puppy he is fully vaccinated and with all medical treatments and insurances in place.

Raven's jabs are up to date and he is fully insured to be at Sunbeams. Like the children attending he has his my own 'All About Me' journal, risk assessment and his own I.D badge. Parents are asked to complete permission slips and are informed of his presence prior to attending each session.

Raven has his own Facebook Page Diary of a Therapy Pet