Parent Comments

I didn’t expect help for me I just wanted my son to make some friends because he was so lonely. Now he is a changed person, looking forward to his groups and brings home cakes that he has made for me to eat. He is so proud of them. He made me a bowl when he attended pottery. He has made friends and will be having a birthday party this year where friends will attend. I am so happy for him. I don’t feel guilty anymore. I look forward to chatting with Sue who has been there for me when I have really needed her. She has helped me claim benefits and has reassured me when my anxiety gets too bad. Sunbeams is a lifeline for my family and I don’t know where I would be without them.’

I am a mum to 3 children. 2 have SEN needs and the 3rd is autistic, learning difficulties and sensory processing. All my children, and myself, are supported through groups at Sunbeams Play. Since the Coronavirus restrictions have been put in place by the government, I have struggled with my own mental well-being as a result of all my usual support networks being restricted or closed. As a result I was unable to attend work and have felt increasingly isolated and low in mood and struggled to accept the prospect of having to care for my children, educate them and entertain them indefinitely within the confines of my home.
I have accessed some support via my GP and work colleague. But also Sue and Monica from Sunbeams have been a constant presence throughout this difficult time. This has enabled me to communicate generally via social media/chat, bringing some normality to life, share work that my children are doing and boosting their self esteem by having their work shared through link projects and on social media platforms.
Sue has also been able to offer me telephone support. This has been invaluable in helping me feel I am not so alone and that individuals are still providing a service, albeit from home, in order to support others. I have been able to off load some of my anxiety’s especially in regards my autistic daughter’s challenging behaviour and dealing with her anxiety as well as my own. Sue has provided reassurance when needed and booked another telephone chat in for next week unless I need it sooner. Giving me something to work towards and the reassurance that someone is there to support me through this challenging time. I am grateful to Sunbeams providing this service and hope it can continue throughout this uncertain time.

Thank you

* I can’t even put in to words how I feel today I’m sitting at home crying my son is 15 and finally getting an EHCP thanks to Sunbeams. Last year my son was out of school for 3 months no help from Newberry or my doctor my son had no friends, never left the house, no one to talk to as CAMHS wouldn’t talk to him coz it’s not mental health, it’s his ASD. Left alone I tried everything to get help then a friend told me about Sunbeams, Sunbeams changed my family’s life for the better my son is now at school, every week he goes to Sunbeams and sees his friends he feels safe, has someone to talk to and they have helped us as a family in so many more ways they are amazing people so caring, kind & they really DO care so Sunbeams thank you for helping my family and showing my son you care and you will help him fight his fight

* The ONLY place I've come across locally to provide a safe and accepting environment for me to leave my daughter at. Nothing's too difficult to them. And to have sibling support , family support and training workshops is even better. Centres always clean, safe and set out for each group. Always keep parents up to date with events. Follows anything I ask them to which I'm working on at home. Best thing to happen to us as a family.

* Sunbeams is a brilliant place, which not only helps the children with autism but nothing is too much trouble for the families also. Our daughter takes a while to settle into places, but they have always been patient, welcoming, included her in everything. They gently encourage her to try different things in an environment you know she is going to be well looked after

* I am a parent of a child with autism, and I care about this organisation a lot. They help families by giving the children somewhere to be themselves, help siblings with young carers groups and also dads Lego clubs. Not to mention the family support. Well-done sunbeams

* About 6 years ago I felt like I was on my own no one would take note of what I was saying but u did and u helped me so much and my son was given his diagnosis, I just wanted to thank you for all your help.

* As parents of a child with autism we struggle to get out in the local community often. Sunbeams play has given us all a new lease of life, giving our child a place to play and be herself, not to mention the support and learning opportunities Thank You.

* With J I feel like a person not a number she actually cares and listens I feel like I’m not alone and enjoy my sessions with her she’s helped me to believe in myself a little and I feel energised when I come out of her sessions.

* T is just amazing so down to earth, funny , non-judgemental even Josh liked her I feel like she cares, she tries to help people, shes interested in your life and what you have to say, the courses we done have been great when I want to question my parenting ( I always do ) she made me believe in myself and we have learnt a lot from the courses and will use it in every day life.

* Being a mum to special-needs children it’s really hard and it’s just nice to know that there is that support out there that if I wanna laugh cry scream I can talk to these ladies and it’s fine i’m not alone anymore.

* A safe and non judgemental environment which has allowed me to gain strength and clarity. So often when you have a child with additional needs they are, quite rightly the focus of any available support but there is an impact on the family as a whole. This is recognised by Sunbeams and their Well-being service has been a lifesaver for myself, my son with Autism and his sister. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who understands.

* J has been amazing support, especially in the last few months, with life being particularly difficult and I’ve struggled to cope, she has certainly helped me through it, she is easy to talk to and has given me many effective suggestions to help with my home life.

* Amazing!!! Nice to talk and have support from people that understands how hard it is and what it is we as parents have to go through. Best thing I've done.

* I think T is great shes not like other adults, she sees the real me, she listens, understands and doesn’t ridicule me. (young person)

* We would be lost without the help and support we receive from sunbeams they have helped us so much in the short time my girls have been there xx

* When you leave sunbeams, get in the car and your child says mummy we are so very lucky to have sunbeams aren’t we xx

* Thank you sunbeams for helping my daughter learn how to form friendships her she is so much more confidant now thank you.

* Thanks to Sunbeams for all the help they have given to our granddaughters and the support you give to our daughter and son in law.