Grant Funders

We would like to thank all of our funders for their valued support below is a list of just a few that have kindly provided grants and awards.
As well as grants from other charities and funders we receive support through local fundraising events and private donations. Our supporters gift their time or items we can use as well as smaller donations these are recognised on our supporters page
  • Global Make Some Noise - Running costs
  • Children In Need - Out Reach
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - wages and rent
  • Comic Relief - Well being
  • Big Lottery and Anglia Water- Covid support
  • Edward Gosling - Young Carers
  • Aviva and the Basil Samual Trust - Unrestricted
  • Garfield Weston - Running Costs
  • Neighbourly -
  • Three Guineas Charitable Trust Fund - Start up fund and continuation.
  • Screw Fix - Refurbishment
  • Lovewell Blake - Resources
  • #iwill - Youth volunteers
  • D'Oyle Carte - Young Carers
  • Ragdoll - Activities
  • Red House - Trips
  • British Science Association - Chicks
  • Walking 4 Norfolk (James Bagge) - Young Carers
  • Little Acorns and Assura - Well being
  • Ground Work (Tesco) and Co-op Dividend - Covid support
  • Fuller Endowment Fund - Unrestricted.
  • Carers Agency Partnership and Millennium Trust (We Care Appeal) - Speakers and Workshops for parents.
  • Momentum - Equipment
  • New Endeavour Rangers Fund - Dad's Lego Club, trips and activities