Youth Group

Posted 22/02/2019 : By: Sun Beams

As our members reach the age of 19 we have discovered there is nowhere they could comfortably move on to. With this in mind we want to continue to encourage social inclusion, acceptance and awareness of other’s needs, views and ideas while recognising the need for self-regulation, physical and emotional well-being, raising confidence, self-esteem and future prospects as they move on into the wider community and a working environment.

Our new Youth Club has been set up to provide a similar environment for those up to the age of 21, while enabling our older members to begin to transition into a wider community, experience new situations and develop skills needed as an adult.

Following discussions with our current members the group will offer life skills sessions from cooking to money management, as well as movie nights on our big screen.

We will also be running Warhammer sessions through the games workshops school alliance programme combining fun with the opportunity for social interaction in combination with learning mathematical and literacy skills. Warhammer extends beyond the game itself, enabling players to develop modelling and painting skills as they build and paint their miniature figures and vehicles, increasing patience, focus, fine motor, imagination and artistic skills.

Multi-player games that rely upon motion control like our Nintendo Wii provide opportunities for practising gross motor control and strengthening fine motor skills, coordination and spatial awareness. Apart from simply having fun there are many other benefits including hand-eye coordination, visual processing, use of multi-skills, turn taking, social rules and cues, team building and problem solving.

Sessions run on Tuesdays 5.30-8.30 contact Sunbeams on 01493 442181 for more information or download leaflet here