Group Sessions

Sunbeams Play is a registered charity which provides a fun, safe and caring environment for children and young people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder to thrive. We understand how difficult it can be for them to engage in mainstream activities due to a variety of social needs and anxieties. Here at Sunbeams Play they can relax and play in an environment that is suitable for them, alongside or with others who have the same or similar needs.

From experience and meeting the children we've found they love attending because everyone is here for the same reason, they do not encounter ‘competition’ or the need to behave in a certain way, they can simply be themselves! All of our staff are fully trained and have relevant experience of working with children and young people. Training about Autism and behaviour management are kept up to date at all times, as well as first aid and other relevant courses.

Sunbeams Play works on a 1:3 ratio, this means for every 3 children or young people there will be 1 member of staff. We can have up to 15 children and young people in any one session. Each child or young person will be invited to attend a two week introduction period during the session appropriate to their age. This enables us to get to know them thoroughly before they start and also for them to get use to staff, the environment and the other children and young people attending.