Children In Need

At Sunbeams Play we are grateful for all the help and funding provide through Children in Need over the past 6 years, without this support we could not have achieved so much.

During the pandemic we were delighted to announce that we had been awarded just under £25,000 from Children In Need to fund our outreach project. Sunbeams tries to be as flexible as possible and following the success of our well-being activity packs which were delivered to Sunbeams members during the original lockdown we recognised the need for the children and young people to maintain contact with the setting and their peers to support their mental and emotional well-being.

After consultation with parents and children registered we formulated a plan to enable us to create an outreach program including the use of technology and encouraged members to develop and share their skills. Thanks to Children In Need Sunbeams was able to purchase 20 Ipads that have been loaned to children to use to maintain contact with Sunbeams.