Charity Dig

Posted 27/08/2023 : By: Sun Beams

As Sunbeams is a standalone charity it is really important that we continue to look for new ways to raise funds which will enable services to continue. On August 27th one of these new ideas became a reality, thanks to Jason Jones, Norfolk Button Boy, his team of volunteers and our Treasurer Charles. Jason Jones is a metal detectorist who has a YouTube channel following him on his detecting days, showing people how it’s done and what he has found.

As one of their management team loves the hobby themselves Jason was approached by Sunbeams and asked if he would be interested in running a fundraising rally for Sunbeams on their behalf, on a beautiful piece of land we had access to, thanks to Charles.

Jason jumped at the opportunity to help us and began his planning for the fundraising event. The event was sold out in a couple of days with well over 100 people signing up to take part. The day itself was amazing and we cannot thank Jason, his wife Lisa, and their team enough.

Throughout the day Sunbeams served burgers, hotdogs, and drinks as well as cakes, biscuits and chocolate. Once again, thanks to the generosity of the metal detecting community there were two raffles, both of which had amazing prizes.

Food was donated by Tesco, Morrisons and Asda – so a big thankyou to all.

Many thanks to Regton Ltd for coming along, donating many prizes for the raffle and providing demonstration machines for our service users to use on the day, enabling them to explore the history with in the grounds. We were able to watch countless pieces of history being recovered from the ground including this absolutely stunning Anglo-Saxon cruciform brooch. Other finds included a roman brooch and coins, hammered coins, crotal bells, thimbles, buckles, tokens, and many coins from different centuries.

Jason and his team raised over £5000 for Sunbeams and are looking forward to organizing a second event which will no doubt reveal more treasures.

What a friendly, chatty bunch of people!