Late Diagnosis

Sunbeams is aware that a high number of adults (parents) are receiving diagnosis and along with children and young people we would like to offer support. With this in mind we have started a new pilot support group that is dedicated to supporting adults with a late diagnosis of autism.

Receiving an autism diagnosis in adulthood rather than childhood can lead to lower quality of life, more severe mental health symptoms, and higher autistic trait levels.
Sunbeams recognises that there are extremely limited resources for over 25’s and have been working hard to raise the funds to be able to offer support.
The group will provide opportunities for socialising, sharing experiences, time with our psycho-therapist, training and workshops. Outings will also be a key service as many people with autism struggle with exploring new places and feeling comfortable in a public setting.
Our first group is scheduled to take place on Wednesday the 14th of September, 9.30 am to 11.30 am and will be taking place fortnightly term-time at the centre on Gapton Hall Road.
We understand that there may be some people who want to join the group, or are curious about the group, will find it challenging to reach out to us. Sunbeams would like to reassure them that the group is being lead by people with lived experience of autism including having a diagnosis of autism themselves. This will be a non-judgemental, supportive and fun experience for us all!

If you are an adult who has had a late diagnosis of autism, going through the process of being diagnosed or would like to know more about getting a diagnosis please contact us on 01493 442181 and we will be happy to help.