Posted 05/01/2022 : By: Sun Beams

Craft in general has been used to relieve anxiety since the dawn of occupational therapy in the early 19th century. Our young people will experience a significant increase in overall wellbeing, through reduction in nerves, stress and anxiety. In the short term this helps our members to manage their feelings better, in particular around all the changes that happened constantly due to the pandemic.

Long term benefits include confidence, greater self esteem and self expression, which promote and enhance wellbeing.

Thanks to Clare from Wayside Pottery Sunbeams has offered several pottery sessions to the groups and these sessions have been very well received, feedback has been positive and comments have included 'very therapeutic' and 'that was amazing'. There are many benefits to pottery therapy that we believe would support our members.

Pottery is rarely the first activity that springs to mind when discussing mindfulness and stress reduction. However, the cathartic nature of working with clay and the stress-relieving benefits that can be derived from it is extremely beneficial.

The practice of pottery and mindfulness has been shown to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase focus
  • Enhance mood

We have found that this has been beneficial to all of our members, enhancing their sensory development, given them opportunities to express themselves (particularly beneficial to those who either do not communicate verbally or find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions). With continued opportunities for pottery, art and music therapy it is hoped that home life will be calmer bringing a better, relaxed atmosphere for the whole family. Members will be encouraged to talk about their stresses and worries and share their feelings with their peers, all of whom will also be experiencing similar feelings. This will promote the sense that they are not alone and that others understand.